Sunday, December 7, 2008

How to make a pregnant girl feel good:

Corey and I went out last night with some friends, 2 other couples that over the last year we have gotten pretty close with. I was a little bummed when we left the house because my 2 pairs of jeans that still fit last week are not at all comfortable when I button them up now and so I go out with my jeans rubber banded to get through ( I had a rubber band around the button hole at Thanksgiving too, but that was for entirely different reasons, haha - I have noticed my complete inability to suck in my stomach after eating a big meal, or maybe I just choose not to subconsciously, who knows!) Well we get to our friends house and one of the girls, who I had not seen in about 2 months, said : "Leanne, you look great, are you loosing weight?" Corey and I just laughed. I said that I realllllly didn't think that was the case, and Corey laughed again. ( Did I mention that we had not told them yet?) He came over to me, put his hand on my belly and said "I hope shes not loosing weight, we are growing a little bun in her oven!" Everyone thought he was kidding at first and then were like REALLY!!! YOUR PREGNANT! Then one of our friends was told me I looked like I was glowing. Aw, thank God for good friends, who make you feel good about yourself, when you are not feeling so great!
On the workout front, I bought my Perfect Pregnancy Workout Dvd and it came in the mail on Friday. I did it yesterday morning for the first time and HOLY COW! Its tough. The girl instructing is from Cirque Du Solei and even through her 7 month pregnant belly you could see muscle striations. They had 3 different workouts, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Now I love a good workout and before the pregnancy exhaustion hit, I went to the gym, did cardio, lifted weights - but not at all since. I have been too tired. I thought, OK 7 weeks off of the gym can't have been that bad - boy was I wrong - I had to do everything beginner level and it was hard. But well worth it. I loved the way I felt afterwards. It combined some yoga, with a lot of sculpting and just makes you feel good. I am going to do it every 2 days, do some cardio every other day and try to find a place that does not cost an arm and a leg to swim at 2 times a week. I need to get back in shape, for me and bun.
I know this was a long blog today about noting really that interesting, but this is how I am keeping track of how I feel during my entire pregnancy and I want to remember everything!
4 days till week 11!
10 days till ultrasound #3!
We can't wait to see you, little bun, again!

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