Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My Hubby in his snuggie!

I got Corey a snuggie for Valentines day. My mom and I went all over town looking for them (they sell them at Walgreen's) last minute and every single store in their city was sold out. We got home the day after v-day and our store was sold out. So we were grocery shopping last night and they had them in the Pick n Save! Yeah!!!!!

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he loves his snuggie!

I was going to post the video of my dogs attacking the card I got him. It plays "I cant fight this feeling anymore" and whenever we open the card they go nuts and try to get it! haha. But Cor was in his boxers, and I didn't think he would appreciate it if I put that up for all the world to see. :)

We don't celebrate valentines in the tradidtional way. But what we do makes us happy ( LOL this year my husband, my dad, and one of Coreys friends went to the Auto show while I went for pie at Bakers Square with my Mom, Cousin Jill, and my Busia! Then we spent the evening playing Mario Party Wii with my Ex-bf and his fiance(who I <3) eating pizza from beggars! )

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Chelsey said...

thats so funny! I was thinking about how I need one yesterday because I didn't want to get my hands out of the covers to fast forward the DVR. Tell you DH he just might have convinced me ;)