Monday, February 23, 2009

One more month in 2nd tri!!

I cannot believe it, there is only one more month left until I am in my thrid trimester. And its going to be a busy one:

* Next weekend - Finishing up the floors in Brodys room and starting to put together the furniture

* March 5-8th - San Diego! Yay - 10 days left till our mini- vacay!

* March 14th - To Chicago for the weekend - Lunch with Megan

March 15th - Cousin Kellis Baby Shower

* March 21st - Coreys Surprise 30th BD party (he never reads my blog.....)

* March 24th - 3rd TRI!

In other news, I can SEE Brody moving around in there now. Its the coolest thing ever, every once in a while I will feel a series of kicks and look down and my stomach and it is jumping up and down! Ahhhh!!!!

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1 comment:

L said...

Yay!! Sounds like March is going to busy so i am sure it will fly by:)