Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Choices Choices....

I feel like I have so many choices to make right now.
Birth Plan - what kind of non- invasive pain measures do I want to take, what kind of invasive ones....
Child Care - Which Center (Although the one across the street from my home, seems to be the winner), how many days, how long are the days.....
Dinner Tonight - What to have, hmmmmmm. I am so bored with my own cooking latley, I feel like we eat the same thing every week.

And lastly - (This is my favorite choice) Which Dress to wear at my shower???

Choice A

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Or Choice B

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I like them both, you cant see it clearly but in choice B there is a hint of color, the same teal green as in choice A. I could not decide, so I ordered them both. I am leaning towards the Green one though!

I can't wait to see Brody today! Only 6 hours left!


Rsgrl said...

I would go for the green one too!

Becky said...

My votes for green!

I'm also really bored with my cooking lately. I have a great chicken enchilada recipe i made the other night, i'm thinking about making it again today. I use cream cheese in with the filling, so it's not really spicy and doesn't give me heart burn. Let me know if you want it!

lady gray said...

ohhhh, where did you order the dresses? i am on a constant dress hunt.

you saw mr. brody today? we got to see baby BE this afternoon as well... 3rd appointment in a row where we have caught him sucking his thumb. :)

hope you are having a fantastic day, miss lea!