Sunday, May 3, 2009

56 Days!

How far along? 32 weeks.

Total weight gain/loss: 25#'s total.

Stretch marks? Not yet! I want it to stay that way!

Best moment this week: Capturing the movement on video.... purchasing all of the rest of our items for Brody, with gift cards from our shower. We are done shopping! Woot!

Movement: See the video in the previous blog.

Food cravings: Fruit... Carrots.

Labor Signs: Nope, just Braxton Hicks Contractions. Sometimes when we are out walking the dogs, I feel pressure down there.

Belly Button in or out? out at times...

What I miss: Wine, Sexy Underwear, being able to shave my legs effectivly.

What I am looking forward to: - Being in labor and having our baby. Seriously, I cannot wait.

How big is baby: What's up with your baby? He's starting to get ready for her big debut, tipping the scales at four pounds and topping out at just about 19 inches. In these last few weeks, it's all about practice, practice, practice as she hones the skills she'll need to survive and thrive outside the womb, from swallowing and breathing to kicking and sucking. And speaking of sucking, your little one has been able to suck her thumb for a while now. Another change this week: As more and more fat accumulates under your baby's skin, she's becoming less transparent and more opaque.

As big as a Jiamca??? What is that???


Shannon said...

I am laughing at the Jiamca, I actually saw one of those on a cooking show this weekend!

Anonymous said...


Becky said...

Looks like a big ass baked potatoe to me, but from my cashier days at a Kroger's i think it's from jamaica and a fruit!

Love the videos, he must be exercising or building a house in there!!