Friday, May 1, 2009

Cost of Living... May 2009

Gallon of Milk - 1.99
Loaf of Bread - 1.39
Diapers- 24.99 for a box of 64
Movie Ticket- 9.50
Cotton Shirt- 10.00
Gallon of Gas- 2.15
Computer - 1,000
Car - Economy: 10,000 Average: 19,000- 24,000 Luxury 25,000 - and up
Family Vacation: To Disney World : About 3K

IF I am wrong on any of these, please let me know... I am from the Midwest... so if you are from Cali or NY, you will have way different numbers!

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Abbie said...

im from Ny and for milk here its only 1.99, a movie ticket is only 5.00, a box of 64 diapers is 29.99(the highest) and a loaf of bread is .99. Gas is about the same right now.

-Abbie from NY