Monday, June 29, 2009


I have found that keeping Brodys Bouncy chair with me where ever I go helps me get things done. Hence the reason why I am able to update my blog right now.
He is sitting peacefully in his chair vibrating away and listening to the music. Brody LOVES music and lights.

Its been quite a while since I updated my blog - so I will try to fit everything in!

June 12th - Brody came home from the hospital!!

what a great feeling, to have him home.
Great and tiring. But traveling back and forth to the NICU while pumping every two hours was also extremely tiring, and now we have him with us, so it makes it 100% better!

Here are some pictures from his first week home:

2nd week - Breastfeeding is getting much harder. What started off as well as can be expected in the NICU (and I say that because he was bottle fed from the start, not breastfed) with him latching on correctly, and doing a great job, started fizzling out this week. Every time I put him on the breast, be feeds for a bit, then goes really lethargic. It will take us over an hour to get a good feeding in and then about a half hour to get him to go to sleep then and he would be up an hour and a half later. He never seemed satisfied and would fuss and fuss when trying to go to bed. I was going crazy, running on maybe 2 hours of sleep a night, so I started pumping and supplementing, and viola! Happier baby! I am really bummed about not being able to fulfill his needs in that way - all I want to be able to do is to BF him. But will satisfy for pumping (I am getting about 2oz of the 4 he is currently eating every pumping and supplementing with formula for the other 2).

More pictures:

(PSA - IF you breastfeed, your baby will attack anyone with boobs/and or a nipple - you have been warned - See above picture!)

Fathers day was fantastic! We spent the day (Not how we planned, we had wanted to go to the zoo - but it was 92 degrees that day) relaxing at home, Brody and I went out and got Corey breakfast. We all went to the home depot and to target. Corey worked on projects outside. We did our actual fathers day celebration on Thursday in the Dells. We went to Paul Bunyans for dinner and caught the Tommy Bartlet Ski Sky and Stage show. It was great. :)

More updates to come.

Sorry it took so long to update!!!


Shannon said...

I absolutely love all the pictures! Brody is so cute! Im glad everything is going good :)

Rsgrl said...

So glad Brody is home and doing well! Don't worry about the BFing - you are doing what is right for your baby and that makes you a GREAT mother.

Becky said...

Thanks for the update, i was wondering how you all were doing, Brody looks awsome!!!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...

He's adorable! And don't worry about the BF'ing, we needed to supplement too. Hopefully we'll get to catch up soon.