Friday, September 18, 2009

Songs that remind me....

... some of the songs I have on my blog are so random and weird, that you may wonder why the heck I have them on here at all. Well they all have meaning to me. Here goes:

21 Guns - The first date night post Brody Corey and I went on was to see Transformers 2. This song was playing during the credits, we stayed to the end of the credits to cherish our time together. This song was playing.
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There Goes My Life, Lullaby, My Wish, Don't Blink, and It Wont be Like This for Long, Sounds Like Life to Me - Songs that remind me of my Little man, Brody.
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You and Me - Our song, we danced to it at our wedding. I loved looking into Corey's eyes during that dance and seeing true and absolute love.
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Breathing - Corey introduced me to my favorite band ever, Lifehouse, and this song not only reminds me of him, but I sing this song to Brody to put him to sleep at night.

So those are the most important ones to me on my blog. The other I just like for one reason or another. I think music has a profound effect on me. It moves me. It makes me remember distinctively a place and time, I can hear a song and be taken back instantly to that time. I love that, I really think every ones life has a soundtrack. What does yours sound like?

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