Friday, December 4, 2009

Brody is 2 months old!

August 4th 2009 - You are now 2 months old.

*You love, love, love snoozing in your Lovely Duds wrap!

*You can hold you head up for long periods of time and you love your Bumbo Chair!

*You love going on your daily walks with Mommy and checking out all the sights and sounds!

*You are smiling more and more each day!

*You sleep in 6 hour stretches at night and get up to eat then go right back to bed.

*You eat 4 ounces of pumped milk every 4 hours!

*You still wear size one diapers.

*You still fit into your NB sleepers, but wear both NB and 0-3 month sleepers, wear 0-3 month clothes (except pants - you still wear NB pants!)

*Daddy can make you smile the most!

*Mommy reads to you every night "Guess How Much I Love You?" and "5 Little Monkeys"

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