Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I have gone missing.

True, True. But my days are full. To the brim. Literally. Between Brody, Work, Classes, and spending time with my hubby I have almost no free time to get on here and blog! It is now 1:00 am and I am now just getting on the computer for the first time in days!

I have been spending some time over at Brody's Blog doing my 365 project. I think it will be so cool to look back at a picture a day for the next year and remember it all. And now Blogger is offering to make your blog into a book! I think I will do that for him every year at least for the first few.

My sister is pregnant!!! I am so happy for her and her hubby Nick. They will make great parents. I can't wait to be an aunt to to little baby! Woo hoo!

Work is stressing me out in a crazy way. (Crazy like a straw!) I work 30 hours only, but they don't seem to get that and keep loading more and more patients on my schedule. I am going nuts!

I made up with a very old and long-time friend this weekend. We have not talked in over 8 months. Not because we are far apart or anything, but because we had a bad fight. But typical me, I would not leave our friends going away party without at least speaking to her, and a great conversation came out of it with apologies on both ends, sincere apologies, followed by tons of drinks. Let's just say I was hung over the next day. Bad. But that was my first time in over a year going out like that. I learned my lesson. Drinking excessively + taking care of a 7 month old the next day = tiredness that lasts for days after!

All in all things have been well. Busy, but really good.

Wow, this post is all over the board. With no rhyme or reason, or even a point. U guess just an update. Hope everyone is doing well.
Come see the Broadster over at his blog! (He loves followers!)


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Annie said...

I know what you mean to be so bogged down :) Aubrie is 4 and Everett is 2 - I finally feel like I get to enjoy them, but be me again too! It's nice! I'm going over to his blog now to checkout how big he is! He's too cute!