Saturday, January 9, 2010

Things I want to remember: 0-6 months old.

I want to remember the feeling we got taking you home for the first time, introducing you to the dogs, and being scared out of our minds, and not knowing what to do with you, but at the same time feeling so incredibly happy that you were here.

I want to remember you sleeping on my chest (as this is still going on, and has since day one home!). I love napping with you laying there and love when I come in and find you napping like this with daddy. Makes my heart melt.

How tiny you were in the beginning. So little, you didn't even fit in your bouncer, we had to prop you up with receiving blankets!

I want to remember those chubby cheeks and the silly faces you would make. You are a very animated baby!

The hand movements you did while you slept. Putting your hand out as if to say, leave me be, I am sleeping right now. So cute.

How much you enjoyed our daily summer walks in the summer.

The way you smelled as a newborn. Daddy laughs at me, but I love the smell of your newborn breath too.

I want to remember that cute little shiner you had on your eye for the first few weeks. What a trooper.

The NICU. Not a great memory, but going there every day, 5 times a day, to feed you and hold you and cuddle with you, bathe you, and change you. We lived for those little moments in the begining.

The way you sat in your bumbo, like a perfect little angel when we got it. You loved that seat!

I want to remember the way you would stick your tongue out, like you were trying to catch a bug! haha

The smell of Dreft on your clothes.

How cute you looked in your swaddle me.

I want to remember the first time you smiled, and then proceded to laugh at daddy! Priceless.

The way you would fall asleep as soon as I put you in my baby wrap.

I want to remember the way Grandma and Grandpa S. spoiled you. You are their first grandchild, and it shows! They love you so much!

How stinking cute you were in your turtle costume!

Your daddy and I love you so very much. We can't believe how big you are getting so fast. In many ways I want you to stay my little munchkin forever, but I can't wait to see you grow into your own person as well.


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