Friday, February 5, 2010

The Man Behind the Curtain: Daddy Interview

Dad's don't get a whole lot of credit, in my opinion. Do I think their feelings towards their children is different from a mothers - yes. Do I think it is any less special - no way. My wonderful husband plays Mr. Mom on Monday while I work all day and besides working himself (and 3rd shift at that) stays home with Brody every afternoon while I work. I think my husband is a pretty awesome Dad!

Mr. Mom

Here is the interview- I am asking the questions and my words are bolded. Corey is answering as best he could :)

How did you feel when you first found out I was pregnant?
Excited and Anxious

How about whey you found out we were having a boy?

haha - a Man of few words.
Add happy and elated.

What were your feelings as I went into labor?

It's going to be a long ride, buckle up baby!

Were you nervous?
Well when did you start to feel nervous?
I didn't

Tell me about Labor and Delivery from the daddy's perspective.
It was physically and mentally challenging. I remember feeling bad because it was so long (I was in labor for 29 hours) and the night we had him I went home to sleep and thought I would be back early in the morning and I woke up and it was noon! But you were not mad at me!
Nope, I knew you needed your rest too!

Did watching me go through labor and give birth to our son change your feeling towards me? Either way?
They change positively. I felt like we had a closer connection.

What is the hardest part about being a dad?
Having someone depend on you for everything, down to the most basic of things like getting from point a to b. I mean even the dogs can walk!

Ha, you crack me up. Do you have any hopes and dreams for Brody?

I hope he accomplishes everything he sets out to do in life and be happy. I don't want to set any stagnant goals like go to college, that may not be for him. As long as he has goals and tries to achieve them.

What is your least favorite baby chore?

Dirty Diapers - turd burglars.

Ha, you know I am going to put that in the interview! What is the one thing that surprises you the most about being a dad?
How incredibly fast time flies. How fast he grows and how you don't realize it until you look back at pictures.

How do you think having a child will effect our relationship?
Hopefully it will bring us closer together. Unless we have another one. Just Kidding. But those first few weeks were hard because we were adapting our lives to a new baby and it's not easy to change together. But we did.

So that is my interview with my husband. I teased him for being a man of few words, but really - he does a great job with Brody - eh hem - Wubbisk. And I think he is a fantastic dad (and an even better husband!)


MrsBro... said...

You DH is so sweet. Just like my MrBro..

Love this post!

Annie said...

That's so sweet! I love it!!

Becky said...

You are so right! My husband helps out so much with Nick, i don;t know what i would do with out him. My husband works noon to9pm shift and i work 8 to 5, from home. So Greg entertains Nick for 4 hours before he goes to work, while i work and before the babysitter gets here. Today my husband had to go into work early so i had to watch Nick and try to work, luckily he slept until 8:40, vrs his normal 7:30, but it hard, makes me appreciate him more!!

Husband's are the best!