Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Nicknames and such.

Sometimes I forget that we are in public when I use my nicknames for Brody and Corey. We really have some strange names for each other. Corey calls me dingers and I call him pingers. Brody has a ton of nicknames - the most commonly used one in our household is wubbisk (don't ask where we come up with these!).
So next time you are in the grocery store and you hear a crazy women yell: "Pingers!! Wubbisk and I are waiting for you!" don't worry, it's just us and our silly names.

PS I forgot to add that after I called Corey over by us he danced to "Isn't she Lovely" Right there in the store. Full out funny danced ... That is just how we roll.


Annie said...

That's hilarious! I call Everett Bubby & he calls me Boppy.

Becky said...

very funn!
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