Sunday, March 21, 2010

... and so I cried.

This month has been nuts, with vacation planning, spring cleaning, classes, work, and planning Brody's first Birthday party. Wait... did I just say "planning Brody's first Birthday Party!?". Yes, I did.
Automobiles is the theme.
Catered chicken, potato salad, baked mostacholi, rolls, salad, and coleslaw. Ice cream cake for the guests, a small homemade cake for the birthday boy, and a tasty summer spiked punch is the menu.
June 6th is the date. (Hoping for a nice sunny day, just like it was a year prior.)
But really, is my little boy, my baby, my teeny tiny little preemie that was born about 2.5 months shy of a year ago, already going to be a year old?
My gosh. This is going too fast. That is what I was thinking as he snuggled with me on my chest while he napped today. How much longer will we be able to do this? How much longer will he want to snuggle with me at all?
And in that moment, laying on the floor, with my baby on my chest, I cried.
I am so proud of all of his accomplishments, and I cannot wait to see what the next few months (or even years for that matter) have in store for us, but he will never be a baby again.
Not that I just realized this today, but in the craziness that is our world right now, I just have not taken the time to stop and realize how close to his first birthday we are, and how fast it is going, and how I would do anything to freeze that moment today on the floor with him on my chest. Freeze it and put it in a box, where in 10 years I can take it out and re-live it again, because they really do grow up so fast.


Annie said...

Awww! We've all been there, but no fear they will still cuddle and want their Mommy as they grow! Everett is 2 1/2 and always adores me - he tells me he loves me all the time - I love it! Aubrie will hug and kiss & sometimes sit with me, but when they are sick - they only want me & we cuddle all day - although I think in their teens this may stop! Yikes!

Sarah said...

It is crazy how fast they grow! I also want to freeze time. One moment Luke will let me cuddle him, the next he is squirming away from me, trying to get at a toy.

Unknown said...

I remember when Isabella was a newborn and wasn't sleeping I said, "Why can't she just be older so she would sttn?!" God how I'm eating my words. She's becoming this amazing little person and as proud of her as I am it chokes me up to think about it.

Do you think our parents ever look at us and think that?