Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Honey, I lost the baby!

Have I told you about the time I lost Brody. Well I am going to tell you now.
How, you ask, can you loose a baby that does not even crawl or walk yet (this was when he was roughly 5 months old)? Mommy brain, that's how!

It was a rainy November day and my schedule was packed with patients for the afternoon. Brody was cranky that day, and I had a photography assignment due by noon.
I finally got my homework done, organized my work bag, double checked my schedule to make sure I left the house in time to get to my first patient, and had to jump in the shower. I put Brody in his bouncy chair (where he always goes when I take a shower, the shower/fan in the bathroom calms him down and he loves it!) and got in the shower. I got out, picked out my scrubs for the day, did my make-up, dried my hair, put all of my make-up and hair products away, shut off the light and went to the kitchen to do the dishes. I noticed I still had some time before I had to wake up Corey and leave, so I jumped on Facebook and Blogger and was catching up on some blog reading. When I realized that I had 5 minutes before I needed to leave for work, I went to the living room to go check on Brody who was napping (or so I thought he was napping....) on the floor. I walked into the room and my stomach dropped to the floor - Brody was no where to be found. My mind raced, I checked the office where I was on the computer, maybe I left him there instead of the living room. Nope, no Brody. By now my mind is reeling... did he fall down the stairs? (Not likely, considering he could not crawl, and our stairs are protected by a child safety gait) Did someone come in from outside and take him? (again, not likely, since we have the doors locked at all times)
Ha! I thought, Corey has him. He must have gotten up and taken him back to bed with him as he sometimes does. I still felt sick with worry and I threw the door to our bedroom open and said (rather loudly and panicky) "PLEASE tell me you have Brody!?"
So not the way a father wants to be woken up from a deep sleep. "NO" he said. "What is going on?" I told him that I could not find Brody. Now I was really stressed and worried beyond belief.

Anyways, Brody is fine. We found him. I am not a failure of a mom like I thought. My brain, overloaded with life, just failed me temporarily.

Can anyone guess where we found him?

The answer to come!


Chelsey said...

The bathroom? :) That sounds like something I would do lol

Bee said...

In the bathroom sitting in the dark?? Lol, poor kid. :)

lady gray said...

hahahaha! he was totally in the dark bathroom. good news is, he appears to have enjoyed it (otherwise the howling would have led you to him really quickly...)

Annie said...

Oh this is hilarious! Mom brain will do this to you!!