Monday, March 29, 2010

Our NC trip - Day 4

Corey's BD/ Wrightsville Beach/ More real-estate/ Sushi!

Well Brody and I got up early and got doughnut holes, coffee, and balloons for Corey. We woke him up and sang happy birthday. Well, I sang. Brody said "Mobbbb Glaaab Bobbbb Mommmm Mommmmmmm" Really loud. I think he woke up the entire hotel!

Then we packed up and got ready for the beach. SPF 100 for the Brodster - SPF 25 for me (and 30 for the face - trying to undo damage from tanning beds, by not getting any sun on my face now!) Wrightsville Beach is GORGEOUS! The stuff of Nicholas Sparks novels. I have never been anywhere in the continental US that looks as pretty as this area.

Brody ate sand and then cried. I took pictures. Then we washed his mouth out with water. Poor baby!!!

After the beach, we went and looked at more houses in the Wrightsville Beach area. Beautiful! And still reasonably priced.

We went home and napped and got ready for Corey's birthday dinner at Nikkis Sushi Bar. YUM!


Jeannie @ Living Loving Crafting said...

We're going to the beach next week and I'm curious if one of mine will end up with a mouth full of sand. Did it make Brody sick?

Leannabanna said...

Jeannie, Have fun at the beach and take tons of pictures! Nope it did not make him sick at all. And I think he cried more because we scared him by yelling "NO!". We just washed his mouth out with water and he was just fine! Have fun!