Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Diapering Mishap!

I am always prepared. Always! We're going away with Brody for 3 hours - I have 5 diapers, 2 changes of clothes, and 3 bibs packed. Ok, maybe you can call me over prepared. but, HEY, you never know.
I am also always the one to be prepared, my husband, just does not have to do it, because, well, I don't really give him the chance. I just do it.
Well last week, I planned on taking Brody to the Children Museum on Friday.  I asked Corey to please check the diaper bag and tell me if there were diapers in there. He looked and said yes. In an attempt to let go of a little bit of control I didn't even bother to look, and the next morning away we went.
Like any typical baby, once we parked, paid for parking, paid for admission, walked around to find the baby-toddler area, and started playing, I smelled something foul - of course it was coming from Brody's diaper.
So I take him with our diaper bag to the restroom to get changed. Laid our our traveling changing pad on the table and went to take off his diaper.
Problem #1 - The wipes container was empty! Oops. Oh well, I thought, so I wet some paper towels and proceded to clean him up. Then I went to get a diaper out of the bag.
Problem #2 - There were diapers in the bag alright - about 5 swim diapers, still in there from our vacation! Not a single regular diaper in the mix. Uh oh.
If you have ever worked with a swim diaper, you would know, they do not hold in the pee like other diapers do. What to do? We had literally JUST paid to get in, we were a half hour from home, downtown (I have no clue where to go to get diapers downtown and was not about to leave to go search.) When I remembered: (now please, don't judge.) I used the diaper bag for my stuff as well in the hospital when I had Brody and I still had a super pad in there. So what did I do? I stuck that bad boy right into the swim diaper, suited Brody up and got out of there as fast as I could (so no one would see the crazy mommy putting a feminine pad in her sons diaper).
I think from now on I will stick to the Girl Scout Motto : Be Prepared. (or was that Boy Scouts? I have no clue, but I would rather be safe, than have a baby running around the children  Museum with a pad stuck inside of his diaper!)


Becky said...

OMG, i'm laughing so hard i can't breath and i'm crying!!!!! Priceless. I too over pack the diaper bag and i never let my husband do it, because this would happen to us, i guarantee it!!

The new sentence i live by:

'As long as he's not hurt and he'll never remember anyways, go for it!'


Jeannie @ Living Loving Crafting said...


Once, that's all it takes for us moms to know to double check the diaper bag after daddy packed it! I learned the hard way!