Thursday, April 8, 2010


Does anyone remember this TV show. I know most of you wont. It debuted in 1987. But I believe my mom watched it. Anyways, while I was browsing through our instant netflix selections this came up and caught my eye. I am not completely 30-something, yet. I still have one and a half years to go, but my hubby is, and we have a baby, so by the look of the photo, I thought it was a show I could relate to.
And my gosh, was I right. It is incredible how similar the story-line is to our life right now. It deals with the new feelings of a marriage while having a new baby, friends that don't understand what it is like to have a a child at all and don't acknowledge them, loosing the ability to breastfeed your infant, fights about the husband coming home from work to toys all over the place and saying "what did you do all day" (my favorite was her reply, a line that I believe most mommies have used in some form or another: "I have cleaned up today 4 times, I just haven't gotten around to cleaning up everything the 5th time yet!". It's not all bad, it's also heartwarming and genuinely good show that I fell in love with instantly.
They say its a "dramedy" I don't know about that. The humor is very dry and the clothes are very 80's (along with the hair and make-up) - but I guess no matter what generation, the trials and tribulations of having a new baby in the home, are truly ones that stand the test of time!
I highly recommend this guilty pleasure to all of my new mommy friends!

On a side note, my blog is all sorts of messed up. The sidebar stuff is appearing below all the posts, but when I go into my layout, its still on the side. Anyone know how to fix that? TIA!


Rsgrl said...

I'm gonna have to check that out...

Netty Cakes said...

Found your blog through Mom Blogs. I'm so going to have to watch this on netflix now, talk about art imitating life!