Friday, May 21, 2010

My own personal "you know when you're a mom" isms'

- When I am in the grocery store alone, and yet still rock the cart back and forth as if soothing Brody. 
- 5 out of the last 6 movies I have seen feature a taking train. (a la Thomas)
- I know every song on his Laugh and Learn Puppy, but have not a clue the words to most popular songs on the radio.
- Following the theme from above - Baby Einstein "World Music" is what is residing in my CD player at the moment.
- I can reach into my coat or jeans pocket on any given day and pull out a soothie (pacifier), baby wipe, singular sock, teething ring, maybe even a cheerio.......
- Looking over "family" photos of the past year and realize that in the well over 2000 photos I have, I am in maybe 10 - I am always snapping photos of the boys in my life!
- A bottle of wine and a movie other than "G-rated" is a "big night" for us.
- At dinner while putting Brody into his high chair, I smell something funky, and sniff his bottom.... With other people present.
- The most rewarding part of my job is no longer getting praised by a boss, it's getting BIG Brody smiles when he gets up in the morning!

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