Tuesday, May 11, 2010

You're Fired.

Yeah, just like that. Donald Trump style. I was fired. Only, it was not totally DT style. At least he has the decency to do it in person. My boss : Chickened out in a and did it while I was driving into the office, for our 930am meeting that she set up, over the phone. Coward. That is all I have to say.
I have had a pretty rough few weeks. Not that this post is going to be all negative nancy, because rough or not, I have had so much time to spend with my two favorite boys!
I hurt my back on 4/21 at work helping a 407 lb patient out of his car. He normally can do everything independently (for those of you who are wondering why I was doing this - I work in Home Health Care, in Physical Therapy) and just decided to be lazy this day and made us do all the work. He did not follow my instructions, and in turn hurt my back. My doctor put me on 100% restriction from working for a week. Which was fine with me, more time for Brody, but I was only getting paid peanuts for my workers comp claim (WI - this is why I hate this state. You have to wait 3 days, 3 BUSINESS days, to even get paid benefits, and then they are only 60% of what you make.) So I decided to talk to my doctor, and go back 2 days early.
To get put on suspension. WTF? I was shocked. Suspension- unpaid - after a workers comp claim. Pretty suspicious if you ask me.
Well I took my 3 day suspension and was on my way to my meeting on Monday morning, when my boss called me and fired me in the car. Nice.

Anyways, That was on May 3rd. I have already had one interview. Got the job!! Woo hoo! But not what I was looking for. (It was as-needed work, and they already have 16 as-needed employees. Why they even interviewed me was beyond me!) So I will probably work once a month.
I had another interview today, which ROCKED! She said they would most likely be calling me with an offer in the morning!!! As long as my background check comes back OK (and I am certainly not a criminal- and 100% positive that I do not have a record) and my drivers record comes back OK - I think I may actually have a job! Fingers crossed, and I do not want to jinx it, but I am hopeful at this point!
I do have a 3rd interview set up for Wed afternoon, if I don't get this job tomorrow. But I really want this job!

So anyways, I have been diligently working on my photography site and finishing up my final portfolio, even if I totally bomb the final, I will still have a 91% in the class, and earn my certificate in photography! So excited about that.
And I have been spending every single minute of the day with Brody, which has turned him into a clingy mama's boy, but that, I can definitely live with :)
All in all, job loss included, life is not too bad.
Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. I hated my old job (well boss to be specific) anyways!

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