Friday, May 21, 2010

What were we thinking?

This post is 100% totally inspired by Military Mama . She did a ridiculously awesome post about her fashion sense over the years and it got me thinking ... if she thought she was bad, HOLD THE PHONE, because I think I may have been worse.
Prepare yourself. This could get ugly.

Let's start with this gem from a Father-Daughter Dance. I was probably at least 10. Crimped hair and all. I can tell you that I remember loving this dress because when I spun around the dress was very whirly. Loved it.

Let's move on a year or two. WTF is in my hair. I remember that bow (if you can call it a bow) it had a metal clip on it and I would put it on my side ponytails. Sweet, right?
Flash Forward into my real teen years. I know I could not yet drive in this photo. I was 15. In short shorts, a cami tank top(that I sometimes wore a white fitted tee under) and you cannot see them but these foam platform sandals from Old Navy. Hey, this outfit got me my first long-term boyfriend. He was hot (in my mind anyways) so I must have been doing something right. But really what could be right about this? Wrong, it's all wrong! (Pictured here with my fashion impaired sisters and my best friend who apparently loved sporting the midriff!)
This next one is Embarassing, with a capitol E!
I am about 16 here, bangs, roots, the whole works. 
Now, that's hot. : /

Moving right along. Here is me at my HS graduation with my two besties. I know this does not show clothing, but it does show my unfortunate hair. I could never get it right. (I have since learned the error of my ways)
My Freshman year in College. Abercrombie track pants and a tee (and a bottle of Hooch, lol) and Easter that same year - over tanned, over feathered, and over flowered. Laugh - it's OK.
And just for kicks. Who wears their homecoming dress to a wedding. Aparently I do. 
Now with short, short hair, bangs, and really not much makeup. 
Also, I ended up at homecoming in the same dress as the girl who stole above said boyfriend from me. It was tragic. Like my hair.


Sal said...

Haha too funny! I had some much worse pictures, but someone (ahem me) threw them away in a fit of OCD a few months ago.


lady gray said...

oh holy moly. that was amazing! :) i could best you for sure... however, all my childhood photos are in CA with my parents. hmmm... how to get them here...

Leannabanna said...

I just found a ton more in the basement today as well, I may just have to do a part two. The real goodies are in the ones I found today. Yikes!

Jessie said...

hahaha, great post idea!!

you also need to add the link to your button underneath it so i can copy and paste to my blog :)

Mrs.Pink said...

Haha! Love those old school pictures! I'm sure I have a few of those scary ones!

Jessie said...

i nominated you for an award, check out my blog :)