Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So.... We decided to start trying last month; we were walking through a store (well booth) ant state fair- that has the cutest picture frames all made out of wood and carved into the wood are quotes. We were looking at the ones for wedding photos when Corey (sometimes I will refer to him as pingers) said that he liked another one. It was a family frame. I told him, we didn't have a family yet and he said "well... I want one... " and I said "I know you do, just not now" and smiled. He said "no, I want one now, I want to have a baby with you!" So we decided to start trying! I am happy and excited, and ready.

I have been preparing for this since April because of my diabetes, and when you even start thinking about a baby, you need to make sure your diabetes is completley under control. I got on an insulin pump and got my numbers into perfect range within 2months, and now 5 months later, we can safley try :)

I know its going to be a crazy and maybe long journey and from the start I wanted to keep a blog about everything that happens from trying, to concieving, carrying, and having a baby!

Here we go!

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