Monday, September 8, 2008

My very first crosshairs.

So Corey and I have been actively ttc all through August and now into September. I am charting each day and we just cannot wait for the day that a BFP shows up.

I took Corey to the airport last night for a business trip and realized how much I miss him when he is gone. I could not sleep and stayed up until midnight, even though I went to bed at 10! I was playing in my head how I am going to tell him when it happens. SO many different ways. I came up with a really good one. I am going to take Tommy the turtle and tie a balloon around his hand that says congratulations! Also, Cor has always wanted a camcorder for when we have a baby, so I am going to buy a camcorder as well :) I think he will get it!

One of the reasons I am so bummed out about pingers being out of town is that I [thought, I was anyways] am going to O this week and he will be gone. But FF tells me that I already o'd and we bd'd around that time, so here's to hoping! I am just going to keep praying every night that we get our miracle.

Until next time....

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