Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Everything hurts tonight.

Ugh. Where to even start tonight. Well how about the beginning of my day. I had my first appt with my new OBGYN - a doc who specializes in high risk pregnancies and came very highly recommended to me.
I hated the appt.
We were talking about timing of sex and she was trying to tell me that no matter what, to time having sex right go 14 days back from your last AF. Now from reading TCOYF I know that is not true - but she kept quizzing me on "if your first day of AF is _ then you would O on _?" Like I was in grade school. And even when I told her that I had read numerous books on fertility and TTC with diabetes and anything else fertility related she still treated me like I didn't know my body. Then she told me to "stop charting, and just have fun."
She said there is no need to chart until you hit the 1 year mark. WTF?? I am sure she is good at doing the post conception stuff, but come on now, really? And she said once I conceive, my visits would be 4x that of a non-diabetic woman and that in the 3rd trimester she will have to see me 2x a week ever week for up to 4 hours a visit, to do an US. I really want to be a safe and as careful as I can, but that seems a like bit much to me. Even the TTC with diabetes books I have read say 1x a week in the third tri. I waited 3 months for this appt and I feel like I can not go looking for another one because my health care team recommended her.
Anyways, we then proceeded with my annual. Yowza! She was checking my uterus for movement ( I have a tipped uterus) apparently as long as it moves then there is no serious IF threat. So she did that, did the pap and now I am having the most horrible cramps. Like day 1 of AF bad :(
Then I had to get a tetanus shot and some blood work done. My left arm now feels like I have been lifting 20# wts all day long. Ouch!
On top of all that, I have a sore throat and a headache. And I have to clean my entire house for a showing tomorrow. We don't even want to sell it anymore...... What a day.
All I can say tomorrow is another day and I can't wait.....
I am at cycle 2 - 5 DPO

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