Monday, October 13, 2008

My Hubby is just so darn cute!

He is asleep right now, taking a nap - so I can write about him for a minute. We talked a lot about what to do when I get pregnant and the road to pregnancy this weekend. Not that we have not talked about it a lot before we started but we talked more about the little details. He doesn't really like that I chart(he wants us to just "see what happens"), but after I explained to him why I like to do it, he seemed more understanding. I like to know what my body is doing and when there is a chance that I may be KU - I want to know right away, especially with the diabetes! So we got to talking about who we would tell when we found out and he said that he really did not want us to tell anyone until we hear the heartbeat. He said that even if it is just my mom, that she would get really excited and get us gifts for the baby and that that excitement would rub off on him and make him ever more excited than he already is and if something went wrong with the pregnancy, he didn't think he could handle having to tell everyone the news. I can respect that. At first - I was like: not even my mom but after he told me his fears I will do whatever it takes to make him more comfortable. He is so concerned about me and having a healthy pregnancy. Even yesterday when my BIL & SIL brought over some sushi - he said (of course he said it in front of everyone) Honey, can you eat that?? Which in turn made both my BIL and SIL say - "Wait - ARE YOU..." So I gave Cor a playful punch and told him to stop exciting people, and that yes, I can eat sushi- I am not KU yet!
Well today we actually had sex for the second day in a row. He doesn't like to do it every day. He likes when it feels new again so even every other day is a stretch. But I can tell that he is getting more and more hopeful for a BFP - so we did it again today and at the end I said, something like wow that was really good and he said - yes, but I really need my bun (bun is what we will call our baby when I get pg) Did we make a bun? I said that I hoped so, gave him a kiss and told him even if it didn't happen just yet - I was still having fun trying.
I love him so much, he just makes me smile and laugh. I think that our baby will be the product of so much love. I cant wait to be able to give him the *bun* that we want so badly!


Mary said...

Aw, I have tears in my eyes. Your husband sounds like a sweet guy!

Leannabanna said...

Thanks - he is the best :)