Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A big week for me -

I had to go to Victoria's Secret yesterday and buy new bras - yes, me. With my little B cups, I have outgrown them. I demolished the sales table looking for the two perfect C cup bras, with two requirements - fit (none of my bras fit right now) and comfort. And I found them - on sale too, for 15.99 and 24.99! Woot!
Also - Morning sickness started this week. Yesterday actually - I have not thrown up yet, but I am so queasy in the morning and in the car on my way to work. Saltines are my morning savior, as long as I eat one, I don't puke. So for now, I am good. Although I vowed to never complain about m/s once I got pg. I will love it (rigggghhhht, Check back with me in a week or two, because now that the queasiness started I pray that I wont throw up) because I love my little bun and its a part of bun. Like I said - check back in a week. My tune will probably change. Although my love for bun, never will, no matter how sick I get (Or how many bras I go through)
I have my first appt today! At 2:00 and I am so excited. Will they do an u/s or not? Will all my questions get answered? Will I find out my HCG level???? I am so anxious and excited that it will be hard to work today. Corey is taking off a half day to go with me, which is awesome, because his work never lets him off for anything like this. I have been so excited for this day for the past two weeks. Yay!
Today is also election day. After the appointment I will be going to wait in a 3 hour line to vote. Gotta love WI voting lines.
That's all for now. Have a great day :)


Shannon said...

I hope your appt went good! And Im sorry the m/s started but I hope it doesnt get any worse for you!

Leannabanna said...

I hope it stays! As long as I feel pg - I feel a whole lot better about it!