Saturday, November 29, 2008

Making the announcment....

What a weekend, or should I say week. Whatever, its been long and great! I missed my Thursday morning post, updating Buns size and what their up to this week, but that will come later, first, we finally got to tell my family and some friends that we are expecting and I could not wait.
We got to my parents house at around 8pm on Wednesday night. We wanted to tell them then, because we knew Thanksgiving morning would be hectic. My mom was rushing around the house, I guess she had to go pay a bill at Kohl's before they closed but my sister was leaving to go out at 9 so we had to get everyone to sit down. Finally we got everyone together and we played the slide show. Well true to form, I misspelled a word in the slide show ( proposed, I missed the 2nd O) and my Mom was fixated on that, because we told her the reason that we were showing them the slide show was because we were sending it in for some sort of contest. So anyways, the pregnancy test pops up and everyone just stares, until they see the ultrasound and my dad yells : "Are you!!??" I shook my head and he came over and congratulated us. It took my mom a second later to get it and she was like "Wait, I need to see it again!" Then was like, "So are you still sending it in?" We laughed and told her no, that we just told them that to get them to watch it. haha. They were so ecstatic. We gave them a Onsie :

and a frame with the "Grandparent-to-be Poem" in it!
This is the one we are giving to Coreys parents tonight when we tell them. They are getting that, and a little Green Bay packers beenie!

Then we had a couple of friends over and told them, finally! It was great!
The next day was Thanksgiving, we went over to my Grandmothers house. So weird, not having Grandpa there this year (even though he was fading away a little bit last year he still sat at the table, ate dinner with us, and made us laugh. He was truly missed this year.). Right when we got there I gave my Grandma the letter I wrote her, based on the Grandparent poem ( I just modified the "new grandson or granddaughter, to great-grandson...)She teared up and said congratulations. She now has 22 grandchildren and soon to be 22 great grandchildren! I wish my Grandpa could have been there as well. Everyone told me that Bun has an angel in Heaven watching over and making sure he/she is safe. I smile and say I know. :)
After a wonderful dinner and spending time with family, we headed out to my Aunts house to tell my Moms side of the family. We gave my Busia ( polish for grandma) the same letter and she read it and said " Oh my gosh, Congratulations!" One of my Aunts was like: "What, what are your reading?" and another said "Oh I think I know what it is!" Everyone got up and congratulated us. Now we have 2 babies on the way on that side of the family - My cousin and his wife are expecting as well and are due a month before us! It was just a great night and we are so blessed and thankful to have such great family to share our joy with us.
Long story, I know, but I had a lot to share.
On Thanksgiving day Bun changed from an embryo to a fetus and is as big as a green olive!About 1 inch long! With basic physical structures in place and increasingly distinct facial features, baby is kind of starting to look like... well... a baby!

I love olives! I could eat a whole jar, seriously. My sister came up to me before diner and showed me an olive and was like: "Look its your baby!" And gave it to me. I was like, is it wrong that I want to eat it? haha.
That's all for now. I am not posting any more belly pics till next week - 10 weeks along. Then I will wait till 13 weeks.... I can't wait to start seeing the changes!

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