Monday, December 22, 2008

I've Been Tagged -

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1. I was supposed to stand up in 3 weddings next year. I choose not to be in one of them, for personal reasons (Bride made comments about me possibly being pregnant at the time of the wedding and her fiance is constantly cheating on her - bad situation)and two of them because my friends both decided that they didn't want to be getting married! Unbelievable! And I love standing up in weddings.
2. I am very unhappy with my current career choice. I loved it in the beginning but I think I am already burnt out. (I work in Physical Therapy - in Home Health care and I desperately miss the days of working at Health south Rehab Hospital of Las Vegas. I loved my job)
3. I hate milk. I can't stomach it. I think it is the most vile and disgusting thing on the planet.
4. I still sleep with my childhood "security blanket" my little bear, which is a small rubber bear. He is hard, but I will never give him up.
5. I would love to be able to keep my car clean like my hubby does, but I work out of my car and its impossible, I love having a clean car.
6. I am still best friends with my best friend growing up - we met when we were 7 or 8 and now were 27! Although I have lost some girlfriends along the way, she has stuck by my side and I at hers.
7. I have over 2,ooo in medical bills that I am paying off in very small increments every month from prior hospitalizations and recent surgery's. I just can't seem to stay well long enough to get out. :( - even though its beyond my control -
Here's to a healthier me in 2009!

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Rsgrl said...

Happy Ticker Change Day! I can't believe you're 13 weeks! Only 4 more days and you're onto 2nd Tri. Wow!