Monday, February 9, 2009

Really - was I just complaing about my pump?

So this weekend I was at the car wash and had just leaned over to get my receipt with the car wash code on it- and my pump fell out of my shirt and down to the floor, which pulls on my infusion site. Not totally painful, but it does not feel great either. Well as I was cursing my pump and being irritated that "I hate having to be hooked up to this thing 24/7!" a car pulls up to the air station right across from me. A younger guy - probably about my age, maybe a little younger - gets out, well he does not get out first, he gets his wheelchair out first. Gets in and proceeds to fill up his tires while in the wheelchair. Such a simple task for anyone walking but for him, not so much, his chair would run over the air hose and he would have to back up and get back into position, then the hose would reel back to the tank on its own and he would have to start all over. I felt so bad at that moment for being mad that I had an insulin pump. I mean really, I don't have too much to complain about. This just put that in perspective.
Its weird, because me, working in Physical Therapy, have seen tons of patients with spinal cord injuries, have trained them how to get into and out of a car with their chair, how to get up and down a curb. But I have never really witnessed someone doing a task like that in real life.
I took a second and just sat in my car and thanked God for what I have and stopped feeling sorry for myself.
Life, in general, is good.
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