Friday, March 13, 2009

Brody has the best Daddy!

So Corey has been sick (AGAIN!) and off of work on Wednesday and Thursday. Well I came home from work on Wed and he was starting to finish the floors in our Nursery. But he was really sick that day and had to stop. I figured he would do it this weekend while I was in IL .... well, I got home from work and felt AWFUL yesterday and went straight to bed - I slept for 3 hours! When I woke up I found this:

He finished the entire room! Took the closet doors off and did the transitions! I was so happy and proud of the work that he did. (All the tools are still in the room because he has to lay the trim around the perimeter of the room still).

So that motivated me to finish up the dresser that I started on Wed. That was quite the project, over 130 screws to be hand screwed, and I was done!

It is in our office right now, until the trim is done.
And tonight I finished this:

And it is sooooo comfy! We totally saved money on this piece (not going with the pricier brand) and it is the most comfortable one I have sat in! I love it! Now all we have left to put together is the changing table (which we have to exchange, it has a huge chip in the wood) and the Crib - which we will be doing together. I do not trust letting our baby sleep in something that I build alone! haha! I say Brody has the best daddy, because even being so sick, he still wanted to get all of the room done for his son and I love that.

Even though we have 15 weeks left, I am just glad to finally have made progress on the nursery!


Sarah said...

What brand is your glider? I'm about to start sitting in them all to figure out which one I want!!

Becky said...

everything looks so great! The flooring is beautiful!!

Kitty said...

Congrats.Can I ask the brand, where you bought and estimated price? (if you don't mind)
Thanks so much. Nursery looks great.