Sunday, March 1, 2009

A GREAT Weekend!

Wow - where to start. Well last night Corey and I went out for a Friday night fish fry. It was great, a lot of food, but great. Then we went to BRU and registered!!!! Finally! I loved it. Corey loved "test driving" the strollers/travel systems. He was so happy pushing the stroller around the store and kept saying, "I have a mini-pingers!" So cute.

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Then as we were laying in bed last night, watching Dane Cook, Brody was kicking a LOT! Corey put his hand on my belly to try and feel him again (not having any luck in the past 4 weeks, he was skeptical) until he said, "Oh My God, I feel him. Is it like a heartbeat?" I was so happy that he could feel him, finally. I can even see him moving around some of the time, but his active hours seem to be between noon and 5 pm, and Corey gets home at 5:45, so he usually misses out. It was so excited for him to feel Brody move finally. I am so happy that I get to be the one carrying him, and that I get that bond with him. But I wish that Corey could know what it was like to feel him all the time. Its an incredible feeling, that I love more than anything in the world!

Then tonight My Mom and my sister Jackie (from AZ) came out to dinner and Jacks surprised me with a bunch of awesome gifts for Brody. So thoughtful. I am just glad I got to see her, I haven't since Christmas, and it was great to spend some time with her again. (As soon as she sends me the pics I will post them, but for now, here is what her and Nick got us:
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So it was a great weekend. I am dreading going into work tomorrow. Because I have Thursday and Friday off for San Diego, and I did not want to take any PTO time, I opted to work on Sun. Blah! I hate working the weekends. Oh well. Here is to week 23 starting on Tuesday, another u/s on Wed, and leaving for San Diego at 5am on Thursday! Bring this week on!

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Unknown said...

I love the bedding you picked for your registry. So cute. I'm happy I have another registry to stalk.