Friday, April 3, 2009

Our first Labor and Delivery Class

Was last night. "Labor and Delivery: Step by Step. Plus one free newborn class. So basically, we go for 4 nights to the L&D class and the 5th night is the Newborn class. By the time we are done with our classes, I will be 32 weeks along (with only 50-something days left)! Wow! It kind of surreal.
I have heard a lot of people say the first class is boring, but ours was really good. We already went through some breathing techniques, positions, and massage techniques(this was the best) as well as the stages of early labor up to delivery. Very good class.
Although the one thing that I was really hoping to get out of the class was to meet some people IRL who are having babies, maybe bond with them, and become friends, because really, not many or our IRL friends are in the same place as us (Natasha and I just talked about this last night). And we were really let down in that area. We did meet one couple that was really down to earth and super nice. The guy and Corey were laughing together all night while the girl (they have no names for now) and I cringed in embarrassment when they did. But the rest of the couples were just um, weird, to put it nicely. We had over 40 yr old 3rd time parents (in a first time parenting class) ,a still teenage girl with her boyfriend and mom parents... and two others, that I wont even get into. (Not that either of those is a bad thing, just not people we can see ourselves bonding with)

Anyways, all in all, it was a great class, great info, and I forgot to say this: At the end of our class we were packing up to go and we heard "Its a Boy!" and
a HUGE cheer coming from the family waiting area (Our classes are actually in the birthing center). How cool is that.

I can't wait until my family is the one in the waiting area cheering for us!!

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Rsgrl said...

Sounds like a great class! We start ours in May.

Becky said...

Wow sounds like a great class, i start mine in June, it's a 6 week class.

i too am hoping to meet some couples we could bond with. My husband's friends are not in the same place as us, so it would be nice.

Unknown said...

Sounds like you had a really great class