Friday, April 10, 2009


I am so happy that I switched OBs --- and I have not even seen the new one yet.
I called the office yesterday to make my new appointment and they already knew who I was and got me in next Tuesday!
They listened to what I had to say and then actually, finally, changed my due date (the other OB had the date wrong in the computer and although it was only wrong by 8 days, it still irked me to no end - all she would say to me was that due dates didn't really matter, and that the baby is going to come when he wants to come anyways - well the problem with that is that being a diabetic, they don't usually let you go a day past 39 weeks, and she had me going all the way to 41 weeks pregnant with the previous due date!) I have had all my tickers changed to somewhere in between what I think is the actual date (I think I am actually 29 weeks and 4 days instead of 28 weeks and 5 days) and what she had as my due date.... so we will see when I get there, what the new OB thinks.
All of my ultrasounds to this date have had Brody measuring much bigger than he actually is, so I feel like I am right on with the date I think it should be. I am curious to find out.
At our L&D class last night, another girl in the class told me she has the same doc, the new one, and she just LOVES him! Yay! Her and her S.O. and her mom raved about him. I feel so relieved to maybe finally be getting on the right track with everything.
I am very happy that my Perinatologist recommended that I switch!

Oh and on the topic of our L&D class yesterday. On the plus side, Corey did a great job as a labor coach, during all the exercises. He is going to be awesome in there with me. I cannot wait!
On the other side, we watched the live birth video today --- I was totally prepared for it and knew what I was going to see. BESIDES THE PLACENTA DELIVERY. OMG, that thing is HUGE! All the men just sat there with wide open mouths during the video, with these looks on their faces like I cannot believe my wifes hoo haa is going to do that!
But even after the movie Corey was a champ and when we got home that night, as we watched my belly move around as Brody kicked, he told me "I can't wait" :)


Anonymous said...

That is good that you think your new OB is going to be good and that you have heard from other people he is good.
That is really good that your husband is ready for you to have the baby too.

-Abbie from NY

Becky said...

yeah, glad you got to switch dr's, but the old one should of switched it due to the fact you didn't want to go over 30 weeks, what dumb asses!

My due date is kind of weird too. I ovulated late, due to the drugs i was on when i got pregnant, good old clomid, so Nicholas measures 4 days early, but my dr wasn't too concerned about switching my due date either.

Greg's not looking forward to that video and the whole labor deal just scares him to death. I did see a placenta being delivered video a while back and it did freak me out. This is so gross, but did you know in some cultures they actually save it and plant it in??? Not me!

Becky said...

oops i meant to say 39 weeks!