Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Brody is here :) But in the NICU.

... So I woke up on Friday morning and was told I could go see my little guy. I thoguth he would be in the room with me, but he was still in the NICU. My mom had gone home and so it was just corey and I. I could not wait to see my baby boy.

Seeing and holding my baby for the first time.

We went down and he was doing well, only on a nasal cannula for flow, not oxygen, and generally looking good. He had some bruising on his eyes and face from the rigourous labor. (He was sunny side up the whole time, he would have never came out naturally the docs said).
We spent all day in there with him on friday, but at night he took a turn for the worse. He required a lot of oxygen to breathe and was breathing very fast (a baby shoud be taking 30-50 Breaths per minute- he was going at about 80-100) so they got him on oxygen, oredered chest x-rays and also discovered his bili levels were up.:(
I have never been more scared in my life.

Under the bili lights

The concerned daddy.
I will keep updating more... he is doing better now, but I have to get going to the NICU... More to come :)


Katie said...

Miles had to go under the lights too. Brody's sunglasses are way better then Miles' were, he had purple ones, lol. Brody is looking really good though, those lights will help him.

Leannabanna said...

Thanks Hun... it makes me feel better when people tell me their stories, like we are not alone in this.

Becky said...

Oh he's so gorgeous, thanks for posting i was wondering how you were doing!!!!

He looks so much like you!

Mel said...

omg, i just got caught up! welcome to brody and congrats to the proud parents! i hope he continues to do well and get better in nicu. hope he gets to head home soon!

Shannon said...

Oh I am so happy that Brody is here, he is adorable!

I will be praying for his continued recovery as he gains strength!

Sarah said...

Everything he is going through sounds normal for a c-section baby. I am here for you if you want to ask a NICU nurse questions!

Leannabanna said...

Thanks everyone, for the support and congrats. Brody had a good day today!!!!