Friday, November 6, 2009

30 posts in 30 days... easier said than done!

I am going to end the work week, with something I found funny, and scary today. When sitting in my lap, while I was looking for a dvd to watch, my 5 month old reached up for the bench and pulled himself up.... sure he was still inbetween my legs, but up to standing he went! Yikes! Well I always have my camera nearby and I immediatley started taking pictures. He was doing good, till I turned on the flash, it scared him, he toppled over backwards and fell down. He did not hurt himself, just scared himself! I was so shocked by the fact that he even could pull himself up. I mean I knew he loved to stand. He likes to be up on his feet. But he HATES doing anything on his tummy anymore and is no where near crawling, or even sitting up alone. All he wants to do on his belly is cry. He can sit for a few seconds before toppling over, but nothing significant!
(Any suggestions for better tummy time would be greatly appreciated!)


Mizanur Rahman said...

so cute baby.Welcome in this world!!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
I just wanted to tell you your bog is lovely and your little one is simply adorable. I`ll be back later when mine are in bed to have a good read.
I had a shock today aswell. Feel free to pop by mine and say hello.
Best wishes, Crazy xxx