Monday, November 9, 2009

Lets talk finances...

Let's really talk about what it costs to raise a baby.

This is my honesty post of the week.

Babies are not cheap. We all know this. I just didn't really realize just how much money would be going to FORMULA. The dreaded word, formula. I always thought I would be a BFing mom. I just had it in my head that formula was something that wouldn't be an issue. Well that went out the door a month ago when my body decided to stop producing milk all together. So we buy formula. Every 6 days - and the cost - 16.50 every six days (Brody eats the Target or BRU equivalent of Enfamils Gentlease) That is about 70 bucks a month! Wow!

Then there is diapers - Costing 19.95 for about 2.5 weeks worth. I've tried the cheap ones - never again. It was not so much a leak factor, but more of a "I am not going to put that piece of cardboard on my babies butt" type thing.

Baby food. I vow to make my own. And I do when it comes to applesauce and bananas. Those are easy. But for anything else (I mean how the heck to you make peas?) I just have not gotten around to making it on my own. And that is my fault. But What if you do not want to make it on your own? Rice cereal is cheap - 1.77 for a whole big box of it. But baby food that comes in the nice little plastic containers - .99 cents for 2 meals - which is about what Brody eats per day now. So 7 bucks a week. Not bad! By far the cheapest thing so far!

Then theres wipes, clothing (because he seems to grow out of a size every week now!), toys to entertain him during tummy time, new and exciting mobility devices (i.e. the jumper), soothies - because those things don't just fall, they roll - so much so that if one falls and rolls, we sometimes never see it again!

Then, for us, since I am diabetic and because they found some swelling on my brain during my pregnancy, there are the medical bills that never seem to go away! I mean, I had 10 ultrasounds, 3 NSTs, 1 amniocentesis, 1 hospital stay of 2 nights to stop PTL, I had to get the rhogam shot, and I was + for group b step, oh - and we had a baby when I was 35 weeks 5 days - so the NICU on top of that!

Would I trade any of it for the chance to buy that fabulous pair of shoes that I want without guilt - or without wondering if I will have enough money for gas next week if I do. No. Because all of this is for Brody. I love him so much. Its crazy how a baby can change your perspective on life, and spending habits. Now I look forward to saving money for that new toy that will help him to walk or on that jogger stroller for next summer instead of those shoes. the same time, I cannot wait till we can be rid of formula, diapers, wipes so I can get the shoes and look fabulous, while being the best mommy and wife I can be!

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Unknown said...

I think I got lady wood looking at those pumps. So my style. Kids are ridiculously expensive. Don't worry, when were old and gray they'll have to pay top dollar for a good nursing home.

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Annie said...

I wish I could say they get cheaper, but they don't :( Aubrie is potty trained & eats off the table, but now she demands her own meal when we go out to dinner, but never finishes it all. She's a fashionista who always wants new clothes - and has more shoes than me! However - 4 years later - I'm finally able to buy some new stuff for me now and then. Thank the lord!

headedtowardshappiness said...

I don't know if you've checked this out, I saw it on tv once... dunno if it'll be of any help: