Wednesday, February 10, 2010

All that you can't leave behind.

Corey and I are coming to a point in our lives where we want a change. We want to move. Move far from where we are now. I hate winter, cold, snow, and my job. Corey feels the same way, besides the job part, he is indifferent about that. But we both want to move.
Where, that is simple. NC or FL. Easy. I will be happy in either place(as long as it's Wilmington, NC and anywhere but Clearwater, FL).
What we are leaving behind is not so simple. My parents. I feel like we are taking Brody away from them. Their first grandchild, they love him to no end. I know it will break their hearts to see him go.
But what do you do when this kind of a situation presents itself?
I want to do what will make us as a family happy, and moving would definitely do that. I know what I want, I know what Corey wants, I just know that I will miss my family and Corey's brother and family terribly.
I told Corey today as long as I have him and Brody, I can deal with anything else. I guess it is time to stop worrying about what will make others happy and start worrying about what makes me happy. Me and Corey and Brody. It's a big step.

Corey called the Realtor tonight. Here we go.


Becky said...

Just be careful of Floriday, i'm in central fl, Brevard county, on the east coast, no jobs here!! Houseing is very cheap tons and tons of foreclosures everywhere you look. So many people are trying to get out and leave but can't because they can't sell their house. Also the space center might shut down and if so this county will fall like domino's, eveyone is so scared!! The orlando area, or surroundings are nice and they have tons of little towns and communities. I would say look for a job first then move where that is. I would also recomment you rent for a while before you buy. Tons and tons of people bought then hated their area. I wish i could move, but i can't sell my house and we owe way more than it's worth. Fl is not as great as people think! It's so hot in the summer and the humidity is so bad you can't go outside! Also the first summer you will be misserable until your adjust to the heat/humidity index. EVERYONE says they want to go back to where ever they came from the first summer here. Hope this helps, email me if you want any more info.

Unknown said...

It's so bittersweet isn't it? Leaving your family to benefit your new little family. I wish you the best and I also think you should consider moving to New York or New Jersey. When we're not having blizzards it's not that cold ;)

Annie said...

Oh that's so hard to leave Le! However, I know you will succeed wherever you go! Keep us posted :)