Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I'll have a slice of humble pie, please.

I don't lie in my blogs. I don't claim to be super-mom. I don't pretend to have it all figured out. Believe me, my house is not always cleaned, the laundry is not always done, and sometimes there are so many dishes in the sink I don't even know where to begin. This is what I do - make that, did - claim to have all figured out: Brody does not cry in public. He goes with us everywhere and we have never had a public meltdown! Pretty great for almost 9 months of age. I mean, he does not crawl, he does not walk, so I feel like it's OK to brag about this! When asked by others I say "he is great in public, no crying here, my little charmer" and I always chalked that up to something we did right as parents. So when my parents told us we were all going out to dinner for my sisters 23rd birthday, we jumped at the chance to go. Brody has been out to dinner TONS of times. My parents live 2 hours away and really are our only consistent babysitters, so you can imagine we take him almost everywhere with us. And over the past 8 months he has been so good! Chili's - no problem. Olive Garden - Easy! Our favorite pizza joint- piece of cake. He was so good every time we went out we have even ventured into the world of quite and serene sushi restaurants - without so much as a whimper from Brody. So yep, my baby is great in restaurants, and I let the world know.


OH MY GOSH. So after all of this talking him up to my parents, who have yet to experience a dinner out with Brody. We ventured out to Texas Roadhouse for Kristin's birthday. The minute we walked through the door, he started crying. Then they led us to our seats in the back and something caught his eye and scared the $h!t out of him so he cried some more. Putting him in the highchair - wailing. In fact the only time he would stop was when he was eating his puffs or my applesauce from my meal (that I specifically ordered for him, I just did not expect him to eat the entire dish!). Other than eating all he did was cry. Luckily it was a super loud restaurant so even my sister and dad at the end of the table could not hear him, and also probably the reason for the crying (seriously, it was so loud at points, I wanted to cry), that, and the weird thing on the ceiling that made him cry every time he looked up (we still do not know what it was) yet, he could not stop looking at it!

So yep. I learned my lesson - babies are unpredictable, and just when you think you have them all figured out they go and change it up on you- And swallowed a huge piece of my pride right along with that humble pie.


Annie said...

Oh Leanne! I have so been there. Everett was the happiest best baby ever & he had a SERIOUS melt down one time at Lonestar - it was BAD! We had to take our food in to go boxes & send Jade to the car early. Then he became a toddler & we honestly can't hardly take him anywhere, he isn't good at resteraunts. He continually drops silverware on the floor - it's embarassing & not a good situation for any of us! However, we did go to Cracker Barrel last Friday and it is the best he's been since the Lonestar incident! So around 2 1/2 we're able to take him out in public again :) He's a wild man!

Phillips Family said...

My baby gets bored easily, so restaurants are always SUPER fun for us! We still love taking him anyway though. And I agree, as soon as I figure something out, he changes. My sister in law told me that babies tend to make liars out of you! For example: when he is sick and I take him to the Dr., THEN he perks up! They are indeed EVERCHANGING! My mom in law told me that it will really drive me nuts whenever I have a 2nd baby and I will expect them to be similar, and of course they will be like night and day!

Unknown said...

I'm telling you...once you say something they instantly do the opposite. Never fails!