Monday, March 29, 2010

Our recipe for eating out {daily} with an almost 10 month old.

One Stick -to -the- table fun toy that he loves.
One serving of puffs (any flavor your baby likes).
One biter biscuit.

Begin with toy. When that gets old, switch to puffs - one at a time - to make them last longer. When your meal comes give the biter buscuit. This will keep him occupied, while letting you enjoy a nice meal. (This sounds like a lot of carbs for a baby, but we only end up giving him about 10 puffs, and the biter biscuit + milk = a full meal).

Day 3 to come...
No CMM or Sophia Bush sightings yet.


Shannon said...

Im going to have to remember this combo!

Unknown said...

Great tips. Snacks seem to be the number one champion against meltdowns.