Sunday, March 28, 2010

NC - Day 2

Day two started off at 8am. We had hotel breakfast snd hit the road.
Drove through the rest of WV, and V, and finally made it to NC!
We stopped along the way to have lunch with my fellow PD, Blogger, and GPM lovely - Jessiecow! We got to meet A - her adorable little girl and enjoy at tasty meal at Red Robin :)
Then at 3pm we made it to Wilmington.
Yay!!! We checked into our hotel - The Wingate by Whyndam - pretty, nice, clean, comfy beds! A big step up from the hotel we found in WV to crash at for one night. Corey and I a most def. 4-5 start accomidations kind of people.
The we went to the riverwalk. So cute!
Now if you know me at all you know I LOVE LOVE LOVE One Tree Hill. So does my hubby. So this is like as good as it gets for us (well, ok, the Disney Cruise through the carribean tops it....but only by a little!). So not only is this vacay for us to see if NC is a place we could move too, but it's also a little One Tree Hill fancation as well!!!

More to come on our second day. And I have taken, um, about 400 pictures so far, so those will be posted as soon as we get home. I promise!


Jeannie @ Living Loving Crafting said...

If you see Sophia Bush, please get a picture of/with her!!!

Leannabanna said...

Oh I will.... I LOVE her. And Chad Michael Murray is in town right now too!!