Saturday, March 27, 2010

Traveling with the Brodster - Our trip to NC, Day 1

We started off our road trip at 7am on Thursday morning, March 25th. Packed the car and hit the road. Brody ate right before we left and we had changed his diaper (I highly reccomend lathering on the butt paste - or any other diaper rash cream- at each diaper change when you are on the road for long periods of time, regardless if they actually have diaper rash. It protects their little tushies from getting it when there is a possibility of sitting in a wet diaper for a stretch of time). We drove until 11:00 am where we stopped somewhere in IN for lunch for us, to change Brody, and fill up on gas. Most of his meals were given on the road, as well as his bottles. We had bottled water to make bottles and disposable infant spoons that made all of that easy as pie!
We drove till we got to Ohio, some city, don't ask me what, but it did have a prime outlets, so of course we stopped and shopped. I got an awesome under armour coat. Corey got shoes!
We drove through rain the entire first day. Finally after 11 hours, rain, big mountains (scary when it has been raining all day long and you hydroplane!) we finally made it to Princeton, WV. We ate a meal and went to bed. It was a long day.
Unfortunately Brody, who slept all day long in the car, had other plans for the night! haha

Oh and I forgot to mention: Through most of WV the freeway is not finished yet, so you go through back roads THE ENTIRE WAY - for like 60 miles. Anyone ever see: Wrong Turn. Yeah, think of that + Deliverance and you will totally have what we drove through.

And PS it did not help that the movie was filmed there.
At one point, there was a house cut in half and Corey said: "Um Excuse me, your house is broken" (he said this to me, not an actual person living there, in a joking voice, that had us cracking up for miles).

But we also got to drive through Frazier's Bottom, WV as well, where Win A Date With Tad Hamilton "takes place"!

Ahhh, now that is a much better image!

Well off to go see the sights in Wilmington, day two update to come soon!
Pictures will be up after I get home :)

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Chelsey said...

I think it was Jeffersonville, OH...I only know this because I have been to those same outlets!! I loved them and have been dying to go back :) (This is me so jealous :) Hope you are having a great trip!