Wednesday, November 12, 2008

F - You diabetes.

That right, fuck you diabetes. Why do you have to make everything about life so hard? Why can't I just be pregnant and enjoy it? Why, because I have to prick my fingers at least 10 times a day - at minimum- to make sure my blood sugars are in check. My fingers are bruised, calloused, and sore. And let me tell you I am not doing a great job. Sure my pre-pregnancy #'s were great "the best I have ever seen" said my OB/GYN, but no...not now, not when it realllllllllllly matters. I am in week 6 going on 7 tomorrow. The babys heart and spine are forming - two huge organs and it has to be this week that my sugars are out of wack. I get a reading our 350 out of no where ( Just in case you are not familiar with diabetes 80-120 is normal for diabetics, my docs want me at 60-100 during my pregnancy) I hadnt even eaten anything - and bam. 350. It went back down to normal within an hour. But very scary. I called my OB and she said keep an eye on it and the numbers remain normal, then its not a big deal. Well they have been pretty normal for the past 3 days .... until today. I was sitting here and I could feel my sugar level dropping. So I quick grabbed a snack, ate it, waited 15 minutes and tested again - this times its lower than before. 32 to be exact. ( most people pass out between 20-30 - not me, I have been as low as 24 and not passed out - I just get to feel like total garbage, for the next couple of hours) WTF- so I ate some candy corn. Tested again. 33 - OK it should have jumped to at least 45. SO now, even though it gives me major heartburn, I just ate an entire king size reeses fast break. a) I am not hungry b) I am going to gain like 5 #'s from eating this c) it was DH's that he was saving for tonight after dinner. :(

I can tell that I am still a bit low, but going up. I just don't know what to do, and my doctors just keep telling me, just keep an eye on it..... Great, tell the pregnant lady, that there is nothing to do.

Poor Bun - I hope you are safe and these ups and downs are not affecting you like they do me.

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Rsgrl said...

Sorry your numbers are out of whack hon! You're doing a great job taking care of miniPingers. Don't worry, it's all going to be fine! :::hugs:::