Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Week 6 - a few days late....

So usually on Thursday - of each week, I have been updating my Blog on how big Bun is and how I am doing this week but with Grandpas funeral and the sudden onset of morning sickness, I have not been keeping up. Well my little bun is 6w5d today and is the size of a sweet pea!

And week 6 most definitely brought on the morning sickness - all day sickness. I feel so dizzy and queasy all day, especially if I am hungry. I have learned to keep a bag of mini saltines ( the best thing ever) on my night stand, in my car, and in my purse - they are life savers. Along with preggie pops drops. Those help with the nausea, a lot. Other than that my other favorite things this week are yoplait light (I don't drink milk and taking the huge calcium supplement is hard when I gag on it.) yogurt and fiber one bars- oats and chocolate. That is my breakfast every morning.

I was so sick when we went to my parents house this weekend for my Grandpas funeral - but I think we played it off well. I asked my sister if she had a tampon I could borrow, stating that my cramps and the flu shot that I got on Tuesday was making me feel really sick. (no flu shot here, but a good cover up!) And Corey paraded around telling my entire family ( I have 7 Aunts and Uncles, 22 cousins, and 21 2nd cousins - my cousins children) that he is not ready for kids and everyone will have to wait 2 years! haha. My mom was like - 2 YEARS!!?? Oh Corey, your silly. Anyways 16 days until we tell them, on the night before Thanksgiving. And on Thanksgiving day we will tell everyone else on my parents side of the family.
We are telling Coreys family on the 29th of Nov.

The weirdest thing happened when we were at the burial for my Grandpa. The service was wonderfully done, Grandpa was a WWII Vet serving in the Army, and the Army reps came out and played Taps, Saluted him, and folded the flag and presented it to my Grandma. Tear jerking and very emotional, but such an honorable service. It was freezing out and I was shivering I was so cold but I was praying for Grandpa and kind of talking to him in my head and all of a sudden I got so warm, like really warm, I was not even shivering anymore. At that moment I knew, that Grandpa was going to do everything he could to keep our little Bun safe. I honestly don't know what else could have made me feel like that. It was a very intense moment. I cried as I was telling Corey that Bun has a gaurdian angel.
Corey and I have had names picked out for our childern to be even before we got married but Corey surprised me last night telling me he wanted the middle name to be James ( My Grandpas name) I was so touched.

Well thats all I really have for now. Lets see - 8 days until my next u/s! We should see the heartbeat at that one. I am going to be soooooo nervous until then. All I can do is hope and pray that Buns heart is ticking away....

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Shannon said...

I like the story about the warmth you felt at your grandpa's funeral. Im sure it was his way of telling you everything is going to be ok, how beautiful!