Monday, February 16, 2009

Fetal Echo and a neurotic neurologist....

I went for our fetal Echo Cardiogram today and it was wonderful! I got to look at Brody - well mostly his heart - for over an hour and everything looks perfect! He was so active flipping all over the place and whenever they tried to take measurements of his heart he would put his arm over it! haha. After all the heart stuff the doc asked if I would like to see him - well of course! His face is so much more developed than even 3 weeks ago and his head looks huge (YIKES!) She then asked me if I knew what the sex was and I told her yes and as she was asking me he positioned himself to show off his boy parts again (I hope this is not a precursor to his future :P ) I was so happy when she told me that his heart looked perfect that I cried a little. It is such a great feeling.
My Neruo-opthamology appointment was a WASTE OF TIME! I was there from 7:30 - 9:00 and she did the same tests as the other opthamologist and neurologist, she just did them in the same visit. Plus I had to pay the "specialty" co-pay, which is $15 more than a normal visit. Blah. The best was when she asked me these questions:
Dr: Why did you have cataract surgery?
Me: Because I had cataracts.
Dr: No, you are too young for cataracts (ummmm, like I was mistaken about the 2 month long process that I went through so I could see again)
Me: Actually, you can get them at any age, I got mine from a side effect of the steroids I was on for pneumonia 3 years ago.
Dr: Oh, yes, that can happen.

and this one:
Dr: Is your diabetes well controlled?
Me: Yes, perfectly, my last A1C was 5.0 % (the same as a non-diabetic)
Dr: Well then why would the put you on an insulin pump?
Me: Because I asked them too.


She did not tell me much more than I already know:
- I have swelling on my optic nerve
- I may or may not have been born this way
- the only way to know if it is real swelling, is with a spinal tap
- I cannot have a spinal until after delivery

The good news:
- I can most likley have a normal and safe delivery without fear of complications. Woo Hoo!


Sarah said...

Oh man, I hate useless appointments like that! I'm glad to hear Brody is doing great!! Hopefully he stops showing off the goods once he leaves the womb! :)

Rsgrl said...

Yay for a safe delivery! But, boo for doctors being idiots sometimes. I'm so jealous that you get to see Brody so much! I bet you love it!

L said...

Yay for a perfect heart! I will have to have a Fetal echo too:) Glad to hear all is well & love the name:)

Becky said...

I love the name Brody!! So cute. Your getting so big, i can't wait until i'm that big. Another blogger who is TTC just found out she's a diabetic so i want to suggest she check out your blog. This way she can see just how great you and your pregnancy are going, her name is STacy and she is so nice, you will love her!

Leannabanna said...

Let her know Becky! I hope reading it helps her out :)