Tuesday, February 17, 2009

21 weeks and counting!

How far along? 21 weeks

Total weight gain/loss: well my insulin requirements have doubled - (boo! - I thought I was going to be the one lucky person that this does not happen to. I guess not) and with that comes a lot of weight gain. 20 #'s total - so on average 1# a week.

Maternity clothes? Just bought a bunch on sale at www.oldnavy.com they are having a sale on maternity clothes right now and if you use babymat as a coupon code you get free shipping!

Stretch marks? Nope not yet!

Sleep: I have been sick this past week and cannot breath - so I am not really sleeping well at all. I watched 4 episodes of Fresh Prince and 2 episodes of Rosanne at 2am on Thursday night and 7 episodes of LOST on Friday night. I need some sleep!

Best moment this week: Finding out that Brodys heart is in perfect condition!

Movement: Sporadic kicking

Food cravings: oranges

Gender: yep, still a boy

Labor Signs: Nope. (Lets keep it that way for ...um... another 14 weeks at least, please!)

Belly Button in or out? Almost out (and freaking me out!)

What I miss: Lambrusco

What I am looking forward to: -the day that Corey can feel our baby kick.
-getting the wood floors done.

Weekly Wisdom: have a pregnancy induced meltdown while your hubby is still at work, I cried for about 15 minutes after I got off the phone with Corey after a discussion about groceries - there was no reason for my irrational tears.

Milestones: Perfect heart!

How big is baby?
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(now this may be confusing - How can my baby go from a cantaloupe to a banana you ask? I wondered the same thing too, but they compare length, not overall size with this one.... )

How big am I?
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Please don't mind the messy office...
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Rsgrl said...

You look adorable!

Shannon said...

Looking good, girl!