Saturday, April 11, 2009

29 weeks.... or is it 30? - Tuesday we will know!

Belly Pics

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And a view from the top!
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How far along? See title of the post!

Total weight gain/loss: 22 #'s total

Stretch marks? None! I keep on lathering up on the cocoa butter!

Sleep: I have figured out a new sleeping arrangement, so I do not have to sleep on the couch anymore. Corey sleeps at the head of the bed, I sleep at the foot, with a fan - I cannot hear him snoring anymore! Woot - peaceful nights of sleep 4 nights in a row! Now if I could only get comfy!

Best moment this week: Seeing Brody again! I love him so much.
Changing OB doctors... I am so happy! My ugly pregnancy acne is dissapearing! Yay!

Movement: Brody kicked Little Bear off of my stomach this week and scared Emily!
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Food cravings: Grapefruit, fruit salad, Egg salad (weird!)

Labor Signs: Just the Braxton Hicks Contractions... they are so weird!

Belly Button in or out? totally Flat, but not out yet!

What I miss: Wine, Sexy Underwear.

What I am looking forward to: - My baby Shower in only 13 days! - Seeing my new OB on Tuesday! - Being in labor and having our baby. Seriously, I cannot wait.

How big is baby:
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Baby’s energy is surging, thanks to the formation of white fat deposits beneath the skin. (Have those kicks and jabs to the ribs tipped you off yet?) Baby is also settling into sleep and waking cycles, though -- as you’ve also probably noticed -- they don’t necessarily coincide with your own. Also this month, all five senses are finally functional, and the brain and nervous system are going through major developments


Rsgrl said...

I love watching your belly change! You are so frickin' cute! I'm glad you found a sleeping arrangement that works - although it is pretty hilarious.

Becky said...

Your pictures always look so good!