Monday, April 20, 2009

Officially 30 weeks (well 30 weeks and 1 day!)

How far along? 10 weeks - give or take a few- to go!

Total weight gain/loss: 22 #'s total

Stretch marks? Not yet! I want it to stay that way!

Sleep: I will state this now and take it off the survey after this post. I am 30 weeks pregnant. NO MATTER what I do, I cannot get comfortable to sleep!

Best moment this week: Going up to WI and seeing my cousins daughter make her first communion! Aunt Mary felt Brody move and was so excited!

Movement: I have a foot in my rib right now that I am trying to get out.

Food cravings: Grapefruit, fruit salad, apples, banannas, Lucky Charms

Labor Signs: Just the Braxton Hicks Contractions... they are so weird!

Belly Button in or out? totally Flat, but not out yet!

What I miss: Wine, Sexy Underwear.

What I am looking forward to: - My baby Shower in on Sunday, AHHHHH! - My 3D ultrasound on Thursday! - Being in labor and having our baby. Seriously, I cannot wait.

How big is baby:

I have no belly pics as of yet.
My tooth and mouth and face hurt so bad that I do not have the ambition to even take a picture. Root Canal is happening on May 4th. Bleh.
I did get my hair done on Wed of last week, and I cannot wait to show of my normal color, I love my blondie blonde hair!!!!


Unknown said...

Can't wait to see the hair...and the new belly pic. Sorry about your tooth :(

L said...

Yay for 30 weeks!!
Can't wait to see belly pics & shower pics. Have fun!

Mrs.Pink said...

YOu will be done before you know it! Can't wait to see the recent pics! Have lots of fun at your shower!

Becky said...

Can't wait to see the new hair due!

Thanks for hte comment on my blog, so please tell me which travel system you got, or a picture, i'm seriously going crazy over this!