Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy Viability Week to Brody and I!

How far along? 24 Weeks! Viability day!!!!!

Total weight gain/loss: 20 #'s total - may have lost a lb or 2 on my vacay! A lot of walking!

Stretch marks? Nope not yet!

Sleep: I had a great week of sleep being in San Diego!

Best moment this week: - Brodys first trip to San Diego (haha)

- Seing him move for over an hour straight (I fell asleep watching him move!) I could watch that all day long.

Movement: Kicking, punching, elbowing, somersaults!

Food cravings: I want my crab cake sandwhich from the Wavehouse - its only a 5.5 our plane ride away! And still grapefruits and oranges!

Labor Signs: Nope. (Lets keep it that way for ...um... another 11 weeks at least, please!)

Belly Button in or out? Flat, but not out yet!

What I miss: San Diego, Living in Vegas, Being WARM! Oh ... and not so much of anything pre-pregnancy. (maybe seeing my feet!)

What I am looking forward to: -getting the wood floors done in Brodys room. - Putting together the furniture. - Being in labor and having our baby. Seriously, I cannot wait. - Coreys Surprise. - My baby Shower (only a month and a week away!)

Weekly Wisdom: Hmmm....

Milestones: Viability Day! If Brody is born now, he would have a chance of surviving.

How big is baby: Brody is about 1 lb and 5 oz and is just over a foot long! ( as of the week 23 u/s!
Your baby's muscles are now well developed and you will feel baby using them. Little wrinkles are starting to appear on the palms and fingertips. Whilst smaller foetuses suck their thumbs instinctively, your baby is now able to consciously suck his or her thumb and may do so in a regular pattern.

How big am I:
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Brodys Room: Same as last week.

Best Corey QOTW: "Oh my God, If I knew I had 115 days left till I had to push a watermellon out of my vagina, I would be sh!tting myself!"

Here is a picture of Corey opening our new Baby gear... The Recaro Car seat! He is in Heaven with this!
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Becky said...

Happy viability week brody!